kdi dctb 216 [DATA#2]

Sortie : juillet 2009 - CD limité à 50 exemplaires - Plus d'infos ?
Out: July, 2009 - Limited to 50 copies - More informations


Chroniques / Reviews

"The second disc – thursday April 23rd 2009, 11am, offers ‘25 degrees, dry air and a tin can skipping along the path, four holes are dug, flux flow, flux flow.’ Anderson’s observations are becoming increasingly open ended and poetic, and of course Peyronnet’s responses are nothing short of obtuse, confusing, yet somehow emotionally right on the money. He’s not creating a representation of how this 1 metre square patch of parkland sounds, he’s much more interested in how it feels. He begins with bells or perhaps processed wind chimes, subtly introducing new textures, allowing the shrill reverberations to subside in favour of a denser sound brimming with some kind activity, perhaps the scraping of bricks on concrete. Later when things become a little more intense Peyronnet creates a staccato hiccup effect that continues even when a high pitch ringing sound enters the mix, a sound that recalls the bells from earlier, book-ending the disc beautifully."

By Bob Baker Fish in http://www.cyclicdefrost.com


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