kdi dctb 216 [DATA#5]

Sortie : novembre 2009 - CD limité à 50 exemplaires - Plus d'infos ?
Out: November 2009 - Limited to 50 copies - More informations


Chroniques / Reviews

Its been only two weeks that I reviewed the previous installment of this series and I noted that "to keep this series interesting and be a bit more different, change is necessary, I think." Maybe Toy Bizarre is psychic? The fifth one is different. It opens with a looped voice that says 'sun', phased along Steve Reich's 'Come Out' and then spoken word. It turns out that this fifth work is all about the human voice. I am sure there is some sort of connection to the weather being here, the word 'sun' in the opening piece is of course the best example, but also in the two other parts I seem to detect some connection to the weather. This piece is divided in three clearly distinctive parts, all dealing with looped voices and sparse electronic processing thereof. The phasing of the voice material is not unique but Toy Bizarre uses it in a highly effective manner. This is the big chance in style I was hoping for. Imaginative, strange, sound poetry alike, this is a great piece. Now I am even more curious as to what the rest will bring us.

FdW - Vital Weekly 705


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