kdi dctb 216 [DATA#7]

Sortie : janvier 2010 - CD limité à 50 exemplaires - Plus d'infos ?
Out: January 2010 - Limited to 50 copies - More informations


Chroniques / Reviews

The seventh installment already, twelve more minutes by Cedric Peyronnet. After the fifth and sixth being surprises of a kind, the sixth being a drone piece of some kind. This is now continued on this new release - again built from wether conditions in Athwerthon Gardens in Australia (Thursday September 24th 2009 to be precise for once) - except that the drone is broken somewhere half way through. It dies out slowly and then abruptly starts building again. Even more obscured than the previous one, this hardly gives any clue as the sound sources used. A sizzling sound being effectively and dramatically built up until it reaches its peak, and this repeated one more time, in what seems to be more a more 'louder' territory, with crackling sounds (rain?) and ending on a sustained tone. Nice toned storm and thunder. Excellent drone material.

FdW - Vital Weekly 715


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